An excursion into the disinformation and online extremism problem followed by a brief discussion of possible solutions.

Picture by Franki Chamaki

Recently, I got back into a topic that endlessly fascinates me. It’s what I like to call the proliferation of social media, basically the widespread and deliberate distribution of disinformation, and the way our social discourse is affected by that.

Here I’m going to discuss two books on that topic that describe a narrow, yet highly important perspective about how public opinion is being influenced, how individuals are being radicalized, and how the current democratic polarization is being exacerbated by social media. In a second step, I carefully look at possible solutions to those complex problems.

But first, let’s quickly…

I wrote my Bachelor’s Thesis about a Venture Capital related topic. I want to share my thoughts and working process and hope to help others with a similar idea in mind.

This article describes the journey of my research from initial idea to final thesis and gives the results.

Finding a topic

Initially, I thought that investors might have some ideas on top of their minds that they would like to have investigated. After reaching out to several VCs, I quickly learned that they often had no time or resources to dedicate to my idea of a collaboration. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise but was worth a shot.

I then reached out to my friend Sebastien at TNW. He has an even better understanding of the European tech system and collectively we…

Jan Rixgens

Technology, Policy, Society. Ex Strategy & Operations @airbnb .Public Policy student @UCL , Alum @MaastrichtU , @FoundersClubUM

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